Hi! Nice to meet you.

Call me Anna Maria.

Coffee. Journaling. Long Drives. Connection. Prayer. Auntie. Photography (Obviously). Introvert. These are a few things that describe me in a nut shell. Hi Everyone! My name is Anna!

I am a Portrait photographer based in Southwest Michigan. I've been taking pictures all my life; and where at once photography was simply a hobby, 4 years ago I decided to embark on the journey becoming an entrepreneur. I'm always looking for new ways to expand and advance what I do. I love knowing that I'm still only at the beginning of it all, and I have fun being able to do what I love while serving others at the same time.

Along with photography I also work as an elementary school teacher. As your photographer my intention is to help you capture what means the most to you; your independence, relationships, your wedding, or your high school/ college graduation. Now you're probably still thinking, "Okay, but why should I hire you?" First, I have a great eye. Though I'm still learning, I'm very confident in my skill set. Your investment in Anna Maria's Photography will only help advance that. Second, I'm a very personable person, I like to find ways to relate to my clients and always put their needs and concerns first. (See my Company Virtues below) I'll always do my best to help you feel confident throughout the shoot, and as a bonus, my prices are affordable :)

Take a look at my portfolio on the next tab, if you like what you see, the "Contact Me" tab is only a two more clicks away! Thank you so much for stopping by. Hopefully I'll be hearing from you soon!

Photo By Stella Godinho

Father Daughter Dinner -- 2021

Father Daughter Dinner -- 2021

Father Daughter Dinner -- 2021

My Company Virtues

The purpose of these virtues is to provide a glimpse and an understanding of what drives the heart behind why I do what I do, and how I intend to work from these virtues to create a positive experience for you, my clients! From photographer, to client, the following 5 virtues are not only personal values of mine, but ones that help drive the creative process of Anna Maria’s Photography.

Promoting Confidence: This business promotes real confidence; I consider it an honor to help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, no need to try to be anything or anyone other than who you are. I’ve found that the best pictures happen when people are just being themselves.

Sharing Encouragement:  I want to reassure you that getting your photo taken isn’t as nerve racking as it may seem. You can trust me as your photographer to capture you in a good light.

Embracing Hospitality:  I welcome you to articulate your thoughts and ideas during the booking process and the photo session!

Spreading Joy:  I hope the experience of having your photos taken by me is an enjoyable one. I hope that once your photos are received you are very pleased with them and proud to share them with others.

Here to Serve:  Anna Maria’s Photography is here to serve you well. I will extend respect to you and your wishes, and meet your expectations to the best of my ability.